Natural Skincare Salve Collection-2 oz Tin Kit Kits- Red Headed Honey
Natural Skincare Salve Collection-2 oz Tin Kit Kits- Red Headed Honey

Beeswax Based Skincare Salves-2 oz Tin Collection by red headed honey

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Beeswax is the base for our entire honeybee inspired skin care products. Just like in a working beehive the strength and protection that beeswax can offer your skin are second to none.  We believe in working with our bees by providing them with a natural-chemical free management program, Plenty of available nectar sources and never taking more than they can give.

We sustainably harvest beeswax, royal jelly, propolis and honey from our hives in Southern Michigan.

All of our products are made with 100% organic and natural high-quality ingredients.  No alcohol or synthetic ingredients are used and each one is made to last, a little bit goes a long way!
 This collection of our salves is inspired by nature's unsung hero the honeybee and covers your natural skincare needs from head to toe.

Tin Kit 

Our Tin Kit includes one of each of our 2 oz Salves.

  • Peppermint & Rosemary Foot Salve with Rosemary oil, Anti-Fungal and Microbial. Works great on foot funk but is lovely enough for a massage.
  • Raw Honey Skin Salve contains raw honey for nourishing your body head to toe. Works on frizzy hair, aftershave, anything you can think of. Light, Sweet honey smell.
  • Propolis Mending Salve full of natures antibiotic, honeybee propolis and Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic qualities. This topical salve is nourishing to troubled and damaged skin.
  • Beekeepers Back Salve for sore muscles and back. Every organic mint based essential oil we could think of is packed into this powerful and rich salve. Works well as chest rub when ill as well. 
  • Gift Box, Wrapped and special handwritten notecard available upon request. 
 Next to the health and happiness of our bees, your health and happiness is our top priority!
It is our hope to inspire you, to desire to, help us save pollinator habitat.