100% Beeswax-Tea Light Candles Candles- Red Headed Honey


Another amazing all natural product from the honeybees. It takes the hardworking girls several pounds of honey to create only one pound of beeswax! It is responsible for housing their food and babies and is secreted from the bottom of their abdomen's in little white pieces that becomes darker and more yellow as they use it to make their honey and hatch their babies. 
This is the cornerstone of most of the products we produce and is found in everything from furniture cleaner, dental work, food preservation and most certainly skincare products. 
Our tea light candles are 100% beeswax with a clean burning wick. They come in a round plastic container that you may use while the candle is burning in any traditional tea light candle burners or holders. 
Beeswax burns cleaner than any other wax used for candle production. It has the unique ability to freshen the air while it is lit rather than cover up smells. Most candles burn synthetic fragrance oils and contain unnatural ingredients that you breathe in while they are being used in your home. 
We offer single tea lights only with an additional purchase or an order of the cost saving 3-pack.