"These products are absolutely amazing.  Being a conscious consumer who only buys/eats/uses all natural and organic items, I love that I can fully trust every single ingredient in each of these clean and sustainably created products.  I highly recommend trying each one, however, my favorite is definitely the Jojoba Honey Lotion.  This luxurious moisturizer is my go-to for dry skin.  The smell is heavenly and I often will apply this liberally to my arms and body before going out instead of using perfume.  As a Certified Birth Doula and Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, I encourage my clients to enjoy these products, knowing they are non-toxic and gentle enough for pregnancy and even for use on small children.  I am so excited about the new expansion and availability of the red headed honey line, and look forward to supporting this lovely company for years to come.”

- Caspian, Certified Yoga Instructor


"My 6yr old daughter has suffered with eczema since she was a baby. The red headed honey healing salve showed big improvement after just one use. It absorbs into the skin instead of leaving a sticky layer on your skin like other products I’ve tried. This is my go to product for any dry patch of skin on my daughter."

- Amanda, Certified Pilates Instructor


"If you have ever been to Colorado, you'll know how dry it is here! Being a Colorado native, I have come to terms with that since most lotions I have found do the bare minimum. They will help for the short moment you put it on and then your skin will quickly dry up again. But the Honey Jojoba Lotion from Red Headed Honey works wonders for me! Not only does it leave my skin feeling like silk, the scent is absolutely delightful! As delightful and lovely as the customer service of the staff at Red Headed Honey".

- Amy, Jewelry Designer


I purchased raw honey, whipped honey and lip balm at the Customer Appreciation Sale last Saturday (I was also a vendor). I immediately used the lip balm and soon realized that I love it more than the other famous brand that I had been loyally using for years. Then I had toast with butter and whipped honey for breakfast this morning and I am hooked! Love your products and will get more soon. Thank you from a fellow bee lover.

- Lisa