Fund Raise with Us!

Fundraise Online with Red Headed Honey!

Ready to revolutionize your fundraising program by making it simpler, more profitable, and more shareable? You’ve come to the right place! Red Headed Honey is now making your upcoming fundraiser easier than ever with FarmRaiser, the online fundraising platform.

Why should you fundraise with us online?

  • There’s no pre-payment required, you can get started right away
  • Online campaigns typically make 20% more in sales than strictly paper order forms
  • Your supporters can pay with cash, check, and credit card
  • Track your organization’s progress throughout the campaign in real time
  • You’ll get automatic customer receipts, sales reports, distributions day planners and more!

To get started, enter your name and email to create your free FarmRaiser account below. You’ll receive immediate instructions on how to begin your next campaign. Please note: This is currently for US customers only. Canadian customers… coming soon! Happy Fundraising!