Beeswax Skin Salves

Best Deal! 4 Salves at a Savings
All four of our natural beeswax based salves in 2 oz reusable tinsAll natural skin care salves inspired by our hardworking honeybees and formulated with ingredients from our hives.
All of our salves and creams are beeswax based. We blend together 100% organic and natural high quality ingredients to provide your skin with the very best.
Our salves are 2 oz in size and come in a handy tin that easily fits in a purse, pocket or bag. We take great care to ensure that our all our salves are PH balanced, contain the highest quality ingredients and adhere to all recommended safety guidelines in regards to dermal, skin use.
Salves are much different than a normal cream or lotion. They have staying power due to the higher amount of waxes and butters in them. They are thick and rich in texture but that does not mean that they need be greasy or sticky or unpleasant to use. 
We invite you to try our Natural Honeybee inspired skincare line and let Nature's Magic do the healing, soothing, moisturizing and hydrating. 


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