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A Whole Line of Jive From Our Hives!

A natural skin care line inspired by nature's unsung hero, the honeybee. An ingredient from the hive in each one.

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Our products our created and manufactured with quality ingredients and the health and hapiness of our honeybees! Enjoy and dont be shy, sign up to receive our newsletter, contact us with any questions and feel  Free always to let us know how we are doing by reviewing a product! 


I purchased raw honey, whipped honey and lip balm at the Customer Appreciation Sale last Saturday (I was also a vendor). I immediately used the lip balm and soon realized that I love it more than the other famous brand that I had been loyally using for years. Then I had toast with butter and whipped honey for breakfast this morning and I am hooked! Love your products and will get more soon. Thank you from a fellow bee lover.

Lisa J. Murphy

I Just rubbed some Honey Lotion w/ jojoba oil into my 7 month prego belly! Smells & feels amazing! Thanks Niki!

Nina Kirk

I added honey to my tea this morning. AMAZING! It's almost as if there is a hint of clove in the honey. Made it taste extra special.

Wendy Price

My 6yr old daughter has suffered with eczema since she was a baby. I think I've tried all of the products offered over the counter. They just didn't produce enough of a result for me to keep purchasing. The Red Headed Honey Healing Salve showed large improvement after just one use. It absorbs into the skin instead of leaving a sticky layer on your skin. Not only does it hydrate the skin but it also seems to calm the eczema. The Healing Salve is now my go to product for any dry patch of skin on my daughter or myself.

- Amanda Dayton, Certified Pilates Instructor

"My mind is blown! I have been experiencing this horrible skin condition for two years now that results in my fingers turning into watery, seapy blisters that itch like 1000 mosquito bites (sorry for the disgusting details). It has been a complete cycle of blistering, itching (enough to where I am chewing my fingers for relief) and then scabbing over just to repeat all over again. I have tried the dermatologist, allergy doctor and hundreds of dollars on any hand cream I can find in hopes it will give some relief. A friend of mine recently told me about your (Red Headed Honey) Healing Salve with propolis and this is the result after 1 night of use, not kidding. My hand is at least 60% better just after 12 hours...what in the world?!!! I am SOLD!! Thank YOU!

Ashley Koltiska